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Mundus Design is..


..a Danish-based trading company that develops, designs and distributes products for consumer homes, leisure and DIY activities.


We deliver to retailers in Northern Europe and focus on constantly finding and developing news that attracts consumers attention.


As we develop and produce the products in cooperation with our customers, we are not stock-bearing and therefore do not sell directly to private.

Mundus Design, lat., (World Design)

Product categories.


In a world constantly moving, there are not many product groups moving like electronics. We are constantly looking for new and exciting electronics products that can make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.


Another area we focus on is products for increased safety. Most accidents occur in the home. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular among consumers to acquire good home security equipment.

Sports and leisure.

Sports have become a natural part of our everyday lives for adults and children alike. In our showroom we have many good sports products that can cause sweat on your forehead and we are constantly looking for new ideas for our retailers.


Outdoor life is ever popular. Consumers wants to enjoy nature and use their body and senses. This includes hunting, camping and gardening or just to be out and enjoying the weather - a trend Mundus Design is following closely and constantly finding new products for.




Cooking and the tools to make means a great deal to all of us. We are constantly searching for exciting news and quality tools for the discerning consumer.

Spending time in the kitchen should be fun and the right tools contributes to this experience.




In the DIY area, Mundus Design supplies tools, which is one of our absolute specialties. We offer tools that appeal to do-it-yourself people who want quality crafts that cost less than the expensive branded goods, but have the same high quality.


Bike and car

More and more consumers buy their own equipment for bicycles, cars and motorcycles. Among other things. the bike must be hung up, the tire pressure must be measured and the motorcycle should be easily lifted. We have many good suppliers in the field of bicycle and automotive equipment and can deliver at a price far below traditional dealers in these areas.




4600 KØGE



Tel: +45 32 16 65 10

Fax: +45 32 17 56 10

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